Mike and I have been friends for 33 years and I honestly don’t know if he would call himself a Democrat or a Republican, and isn’t that one of the best characteristics of a true Vermonter, because a label doesn’t matter. Mike is what I would hope any representative of mine would be, independent in thought, fiscally responsible in all matters, someone who listens more than they talk and understands that while his opinions have value in the larger discussion, he ultimately needs to put our best interests above any personal opinion or benefit.
As the owner of a small contracting firm in Vermont, Mike feels the impact of governmental actions on his business, good and bad, every day and I believe that his perspective can really make a difference in the future of our business and personal communities. He served on the Essex Planning Commission for six years, is currently serving on the Town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment for the past four years and has had an active role in the selection process for the location of the new Essex Police Station. He has also been an active Essex Rotarian forever, almost!
I hope you agree with me that Mike Plageman has the character and experience to be a valued member of the Essex Selectboard and will always be looking out for our community’s best interests. If you don’t’ know Mike, I hope you will try to find time to meet and chat with him before you vote. I assure you, it will be time well spent. He cares!


James E. Van Orden III



Vote for Mike Plageman


I am proud to write this letter in support of Mike Plageman's candidacy as a Selectboard member in the Town of Essex. I have known and worked with Mike for many years on the planning commission and other civic activities. Our community could not make a better choice.


Mike is a tireless volunteer in Essex. He has the experience, knowledge, personal demeanor, financial background, and poise to immediately be effective as a Selectboard member. I spent many hours with Mike in Planning Commission meetings and beyond all the skills above, I will always remember how his first priority was to ensure that decisions were based on what was best for the residents of Essex. He was able to set aside his personal views and agendas to meet the community needs. Mike encouraged and listened intently to the information presented, worked hard to arrive at common ground and made sure that decisions moved forward. I see Mike exhibiting these same skills as a member of Selectboard. Mike is clearly a "work with" leader.


Please vote for Mike Plageman as a new Selectboard member. He is the right person for our community.


Jim Rose



I will vote for Mike Plageman to be a member of the Essex Selectboard and I encourage others to do the same. Mike will be a great Selectman because he has both the knowledge and the experience to be a contributing Board member immediately. He has served our community for seven years as a member of the Planning Commission and the Police Facility Committee for two years. He is currently serving in his fifth year on the Zoning Board of Adjustment and he is serving his community as a Rotarian, where he is the chairman of the Local Committee and where he served as President. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to select a well prepared and experienced person like Mike to join the Selectboard. He knows we must work together to make our community continue to prosper. Mike has demonstrated over the years the ability to recognize the need for collaboration and the courage to support implementation when needed. He recognizes the Board must support the growth of business in the Village and throughout the entire Town. Mike has been a positive contributor in our community since arriving in our community in 1985.


Tom James
Former Essex Selectboard Member and Chair (1998-2007), Former Essex School Board Member and Chair (1994-1997), Former State of Vermont State Board of Education Member and Chair (2003-2009).



Michael Plageman is running for a position on the Essex Selectboard. I have had the personal honor of working with Michael on the Essex Police facility Committee. Michael Plageman is a personable, hard working, goal oriented individual. It was my absolute pleasure to have worked with him on the committee and I am pleased to offer him my endorsement. I encourage all of my fellow citizens to support our Essex community and vote on Tuesday March 5th.




John Workman

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